Early Phonics Readers that
make Learning how to read



Is your child ready to take the next step in reading?

Yum and Yam books are a series of short stories with fun illustrations designed for emerging readers. Each of the 10 books guides children through the early stages of reading while building confidence and a sense of accomplishment.


Engaging, Unique,
And Fun

These short stories with entertaining illustrations will engage your reader, keep their interest, make learning to read fun and instill a love of reading.



The entire series of books is within the Emergent stage of reading, allowing readers ample time to practice and build their confidence at an appropriate level before moving to the next stage.



When students struggle to sound out words, comprehension decreases. When students don't understand what they're reading, it's frustrating!


Help Your Child
Become a Reader

Tips on the inside cover help the adult in guiding the reader. A word box in the back of each book allows for a review of decodable words in the story.



Four stars are included for the reader to color as an incentive for reading an entire book. The books are made of thicker weight to handle multiple reads without the pages ripping.


Meets Common Core
State Standards

Children gain the necessary fundamental reading skills to help them meet Common Core State Standards in literacy.


About Catherine

I created Yum and Yam Early Phonics Readers based on my many years of teaching young students how to read. As an experienced Early Elementary teacher, I recognize what motivates beginning readers, what engages their attention, and how to move students through the frustration which can stop their progress.

When I couldn’t find the correct level books I needed, I created my own. Now I’m ready to share my years of experience with you.


Why Yum & Yam Early Phonics Readers?

There are many phonics series on the market, but none stay in the Emergent stage of reading. They tend to have one or two books in the Emergent stage, then jump to the more advanced Early Reading stage. Yum & Yam books give the reader 10 books at the emergent stage so that children can have plenty of practice blending and decoding at an appropriate level.

Is your child an emergent reader?

Emergent readers are learning how to blend sounds and decode simple words. Ample time to practice in the Emergent Stage is crucial before moving on to the more difficult, Early Reading stage.  



Mary Beth Cole, M.Ed.


As a learning specialist and special education teacher for over 30 years, I am always looking for early childhood literacy resources. In the past, I've struggled to find developmentally appropriate school readiness materials until now. I am so impressed with the Yum and Yam Early Phonics Readers program. I am also assured because these materials align with the Common Core Reading Foundational Skill standards. The graphics are colorful, and the pages are sturdy. My students love them. I am so confident in these materials that I've even used them with my own children.


Suzy Ebalo


As an educator, I am always on the lookout for new, interesting, and fun early phonics readers. With Yum and Yam books, I’ve found them! The entire series of books stay in the Emergent Stage of reading, allowing my students ample time to practice while building their confidence before moving up a level. The whimsical characters, fun stories, and coloring/workbook that go with them are spot-on for what students and teachers are looking for during reading time. I appreciate the thicker pages allowing students to read and reread the stories without ripping. The big smiles on their faces say it all...Reading Rocks!


Mindy McGrath


We have struggled to find books that are bright, engaging, and stay simple to follow and read throughout the whole set. My daughter has had challenges in the past with reading, and these books gave her the confidence and consistency that she was needing. As a parent, it was great to see her experience these small successes to help encourage her to continue and enjoy reading. She loved the fun characters! Lots of phonics books we have tried in the past would tend to be boring. This group of books made my daughter laugh and the great illustrations supported the short stories very well.

Karen _Burdick_headshot

Karen Burdick, M.Ed.

Kindergarten Teacher

Finding quality resources isn’t always easy. The combination of colorful, inviting illustrations along with decodable text placed in a shorter format make Yum and Yam books ideal for beginning readers. As my students read these books, it was obvious lightbulbs were going on in their heads. My beginning readers were beaming when they realized they had read real books on their own! Yum and Yam books have provided me with an excellent resource for bridging the gap between letter blending and longer, phonetic books. I highly recommend Yum and Yam books as a resource to boost early reading skills, as well as confidence, in young readers.