The Days of our Lives


The irony is so thick, it’s laughable if parents weren’t on the verge of crying! When I started out writing this blog, it was going to be ways to find breaks in your day, just for you. It came to my attention that parents were needing breaks when a schedule change for my class threw…

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Cracking the Code


How do children learn to read? The brain has specific areas that are for seeing, hearing, and even our senses, but not reading. Different parts of the brain need to work together for a child to read. Oral language has been spoken for over 100,000 years, but written language only between 5,000 – 6,000 years. …

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School is closed and I’m now my kids reading teacher


With school campuses closed due to the coronavirus, parents have been forced to magically become their child’s teacher. I couldn’t imagine waking up one morning and expected to be an operating engineer. I would be expected to know how to use heavy equipment such as a backhoe, excavator, or bulldozer. Not such an easy task.…

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Games The Build Reading Skills


Just like adults, when children are having fun, they want to continue the activity. Learning occurs when children are engaged in an activity and like what they are doing. Here are some games to help build reading skills, all while having fun doing it. Enjoy! Tic-tac-toe: Make a tic-tac-toe board. On 9 cards, write a…

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