Games The Build Reading Skills

Just like adults, when children are having fun, they want to continue the activity. Learning occurs when children are engaged in an activity and like what they are doing.

Here are some games to help build reading skills, all while having fun doing it. Enjoy!

Tic-tac-toe: Make a tic-tac-toe board. On 9 cards, write a decodable word such as “cat.” On 9 other cards write another decodable word such as “dog.” Play just like you would with “X” and “O.” Switch out with other decodable words.

Memory game: Write the same decodable word on two index cards. Start with 5 words, then add to it as those words become easy. Place the cards upside down. Each person takes a turn flipping one card over. Say the word on the card. Then flip over another card to try and find its match. Sound out the word on the second card. If they match, keep cards. If they do not match, flip both over. It’s the next person’s turn.

Bingo: Make Bingo cards with decodable words in each square.  Write the same words on index cards. Review the words that are on the Bingo cards. Play the game Bingo by having the adult hold up the index card, and the child decodes the word on the card. Place a marker on the decoded word.

Word Hunt: Write decodable words on post-it notes. Have an adult hide the post-it notes around the house. The child goes and finds the post-it notes. When found, decode the word.

 Musical Words: Write decodable words on pieces of paper. Place pages on the floor in a circle. The adult plays music while the child walks around the circle. When the music stops, the child reads the word on which she is standing. If read correctly, the child gets to keep the card.

Obstacle Word Course: Make an obstacle course with reading at the transitions. Write decodable words on index cards and on the back draw a physical action, like hopping. Number the cards. Place them around your house. For example, have a start line with Card 1. The child reads the card, flips the card over to see the action he needs to do (hop). Child hops across the room to Card 2. Decode word, flip over, and do physical action (bear crawl). Continue with as many cards as you want. A good physical activity is running the outside perimeter of the house.